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E veryone should see a Bend dentist regularly throughout their lives for good oral and physical health. If taken care of properly, teeth can last a lifetime. Dental needs change as people age and there are many reasons a person should visit a Bend dentist. Bend family dentistry partners with patients to provide them with high-quality dental care that includes procedures ranging from professional teeth cleaning to placing dental implants.

What is Family Dentistry?
Family dentists offer extensive dental care to family members of all ages from young children to seniors. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating both common and more extensive dental problems. Bend family dentistry offers preventative dental services like professional teeth cleaning, x-rays, and fluoride treatments. They also educate patients on good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing. Bend dentists also perform basic dental procedures such as filling cavities and also offers specialized services like root canals, teeth whitening, and dental implants.

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How to Find a Bend Family Dentist
Finding the perfect Bend dentist is an important process. There are many steps that can be taken to find the right family dentist. A primary concern when searching for a dentist is that she can offer care to the entire family. Ask friends and family members for referrals. Word-of-mouth is a great way to find a family dentist. People may also check with their insurance providers or contact a dental referral service.
Many people have dental phobias and this should be a consideration when searching for a Bend dentist. Dental phobias usually stem from a fear of pain or needles or because of a negative childhood experience. Children are often frightened before a dental visit, so making sure they are comfortable with a family dentist is important. Planning a family visit to Bend family dentistry can accomplish this. They are also dedicated to gentle care and take steps to make sure patients have a positive dental experience.

Family Dentistry and Children
Dental care for children is a major part of Bend family dentistry. Children have special dental needs because their bones and teeth are still developing and it is important for them to learn good oral care habits early in life. Children beginning visiting a dentist as young as age two. Children may require special dental services like fluoride treatments and sealants and Dr DiGiulio will do everything possible to make sure children are comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Having professional teeth cleaning performed by a Bend dentist on a regular basis is critical to maintaining good oral health. Bend family dentistry can perform professional teeth cleaning on all family members from young children to older adults. A professional teeth cleaning includes removing plaque and tartar from the teeth, and cleaning/polishing the teeth with a special abrasive paste. A professional teeth cleaning is usually part of a dental check-up that may also include x-rays and a thorough oral examination to check for tooth decay or any lesions or sores that may be an early indication of oral cancer.

Dental Emergencies
Dental emergencies are a common reason people visit Bend family dentistry and they can happen at any time, especially with children. When selecting a dentist, it is important to make sure the dentist is equipped and prepared to handle dental emergencies. Dental emergencies include an abscess, trauma to the mouth resulting in knocked-out teeth, cracked or broken teeth, fillings that fall out, or severe toothache. It is critical to contact a Bend family dentist at the first sign of a dental emergency to prevent more serious damage. Bend family dentistry can handle any emergencies that arise in children or adults.

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Tooth Pain
Tooth pain is probably the number one reason people visit the dentist. Tooth pain is triggered when the nerve endings in the pulp of a tooth become irritated. Depending on the cause, tooth pain can be mild or very severe. Tooth pain is most often caused by decay, loose fillings, a crack in the tooth, gum disease, or trauma to the mouth. Tooth pain can radiate to other areas of the mouth like the jaw, ear, sinuses or other teeth. Certain infections like ear or sinus infections can cause tooth pain. Brushing, chewing or drinking hot or cold beverages can make tooth pain worse.

Treatment of Tooth Pain
The treatment of tooth pain by Bend family dentistry depends on the cause. The first step in diagnosing tooth pain is for a dentist to do a thorough examination. Usually x-rays are taken to get a closer look at the tooth and its surrounding areas. If tooth pain is being caused by decay, a Bend family dentist will fill the tooth by removing the decayed area with a small drill and filling the tooth with a resin composite material. If the tooth pain is caused by abscess or trauma, a dentist will first do whatever is necessary to relive a patient’s pain and then determine what additional steps are needed to fix the tooth like root canal, crown or implant.

Root Canal
It used to be that the most common solution for getting rid of tooth pain was pulling the tooth. Pulling teeth may lead to other oral problems such as speech issues, shifting teeth, and difficulty chewing. If too many teeth are pulled, patients will often require dentures, bridges or implants. Fortunately, thanks to modern dentistry, damaged teeth can usually be saved through a root canal. A root canal is now considered a routine procedure that is performed by Bend Family Dentistry.
Teeth have canals and chambers that contain nerves. When a tooth is damaged by decay, fracture or trauma, bacteria can enter the canals and come in contact with the nerves and result in infection. This causes pain that can range from mild to severe and sometimes, swelling and abscess. If the infection is not treated, it can spread to other parts of the mouth like the bone and gum. Symptoms of a tooth that may need a root canal are pain when biting or chewing, pain that occurs when tapping the tooth, pain that lingers after drinking hot or cold beverages, or pimple-like bubbles on the gum.

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The Root Canal Procedure
During the root canal procedure, a Bend dentist will numb the patient with local anesthetics and then place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep it dry. The dentist will then drill a hole into the tooth to gain access to the canal and remove any decay, as well as the remove the tooth’s nerve. Depending on the extent of infection, the tooth will either be sealed immediately or within a week or so after the initial procedure. Since root canals can make teeth break easily, Bend family dentistry will recommend a crown be put on the tooth to prevent future breakage.

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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth by Bend family dentistry to restore appearance or strength. Crowns are often used after a root canal or when a tooth has a large filling due to a large amount of decay. A crown is also used to cover dental implants or keep a bridge in place. A crown may be made of porcelain, metals or a combination of both. Bend family dentistry will help determine which type of crown is best for each patient.
Placing a crown is usually completed in two visits. At the first visit, a Bend family dentist will take impressions of the tooth needing the crown and the surrounding areas by using special putty. The dentist will then place a temporary crown on the tooth. The impressions are sent to a special dental laboratory where the crown will be made. This process usually takes two to three weeks. At the second visit, a Bend family dentist will remove the temporary crown and place the permanent crown on the tooth, making any adjustments necessary.

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Bridges can be a good option because they are less invasive than dental implants and are more comfortable and provide more stability than dentures. Bridges can only be used in spaces that are missing one to three teeth and the teeth and gums of the area surrounding the missing teeth must be healthy so that they can support the bridge. Bridges are made of porcelain, porcelain and metal or gold.
Before a bridge can be placed, the teeth on either side of the missing teeth must be prepped. A Bend family dentist will sculpt the teeth and take an impression so that the bridge and crowns can be made. A bridge and temporary crowns will be placed until the permanent ones are ready. Once the permanent bridges are ready, the Bend family dentist will cement the crowns and bridge in place, polish them and check the patient’s bite. After a bridge is placed, patients need to be careful not to grind their teeth and they should take special care of the anchor teeth to preserve the integrity of the bridge.

Teeth Whitening
People who have severely stained teeth are often embarrassed and lack self-confidence. Teeth whitening is a great way to brighten the smile. Bend family dentistry offers teeth whitening procedures that are performed in the office or that are performed by patients at home. For in-office teeth whitening, a Bend family dentist will apply a special bleaching gel to the teeth. A special light may be used to enhance the power of the gel. Depending on the type and amount of staining, several treatments may be needed for the desired effect.
For at-home whitening, Dr DiGiulio will fit a patient with a special mouth guard whitening tray and a powerful whitening gel will be prescribed. Patients will place the gel in the tray at home and wear the tray for a few hours during the day or they may wear the tray while sleeping. There are seldom side effects after teeth whitening but some patients may experience tooth sensitivity after the procedure.

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Family Dentistry Costs
One concern many people have about family dentistry is the cost. Most dental insurance companies cover a large portion, if not all of the costs associated with routine, preventative dental care such as professional teeth cleaning, x-rays and fillings. Cosmetic procedures such as dental implants, teeth whitening or veneers may not be covered. Although some procedures may seem expensive, they usually save money in the long-term by preventing the need for more extensive dental work. Bend family dentistry will discuss available financing and payment options with each patient so they can receive the best dental care possible within their budget.
There are many reasons to see a Bend family dentist. Bend family dentistry goes out of their way to make sure that patients are comfortable and enjoy a positive, gentle dental experience. A Bend dentist is highly qualified and experienced to perform all aspects of family dentistry from teeth cleaning and whitening to root canals, bridges and dental implants. They are dedicated to doing what it takes to make sure patients enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.

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