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Buckmaster Family 8/12/13

We recently discovered Dr. Yoli and Cornerstone. I am very pleased with the care provided here. Dr. Yoli even got me back to flossing! My kids loved it here and even they are flossing now. Flossing is, all of the sudden, a BIG DEAL in the Buckmaster household, thanks to Dr. Yoli. Libby at the front desk is SUPER NICE. I am just very happy with Cornerstone.

Thank you again,
The Buckmaster Family

Ken and Dylan F. 6/12/2012

My son and I are transplants from Boulder Colorado. We were referred to Dr. Di Giulio by our Oral Surgeon. I have been from coast to coast had my dental work done by the best and I can tell you that Dr Di Guilo is number one!!!!!! She is caring, empathic and considers my total well-being at each appointment. She is kind and considerate and very reasonable. Bend is lucky to have her 5 star service.

Fran R. ‎ – 5/12/2012
I complemented Dr DiGiulio’s dentistry and she asked me to write a few of my own words here. She is unique in that she is very caring and so is here staff. I always feel that she has my best dental interests in mind and never tries to sell me junk I dont need. She works very hard to save teeth rather than cap them or put an implant in its place. I really like her.

Kaye S.-4/14/2012

from Bend, Oregon writes “I saved for 2 years to have my front two teeth , which were missing-long story, replaced with implants. Dr D is an expert at making you feel comfortable through the process. She guided me every step of the way, and I could not be happier. Thanks.KS”

Carl ‎ – 3/1//12
I visited Dr.DiGiulio about a year ago when a tooth broke around an old filling. The exam was thorough and professional. The crown fitting and installation was relatively painless and extremely well done! What really surprised me, and prompts this review is that after the crown was installed my bite alignment was substantially improved and my jaw has relaxed. This unexpected benefit will keep me going back to Dr.Yoli and her outstanding staff.

PadrePio ‎ – 2/23/2012
Great friendly staff. I have not been to a dentist in over ten years due to lack of insurance. But I cant beleive how pleasant dentistry can be with Dr D. She is very understanding and non-judgemental and has helped me regain my dental health and improve my smile. I have spent $13000 so far on implants and crowns and have another $2500 to go. I have never been happier spending so much on such a little space, my teeth are white and my bite works and I can chew on the left side again.Thank You Dr DiGiulio

Nancy G. ‎ – 4/2011
What Can I say. Dr DiGiulio has not only restored my confidence in dentists, but in my smile as well. I had a horrible dental experience 4-5 years ago, spent way too much money and did not get the desired results. I was very hesitant to look for dental help again, but my friend Christie told me about Dr D. She is fantastic and Christie was 100% right. I was charged 1/3 the price my previous dentist charged and the problem has vanished and it has been 6 months from my last visit, yeah me!

Greg B.‎ – 11/11
Dr. DiGiulio is a fabulous dentist, amazingly gentle and caring. She devotes an amazing amount of time to an appointment, and is never in a hurry. Our entire family is very happy with Dr. DiGiulio and we will continue to recommend her to everyone we meet.

Tim ‎ – 7/17/2011
I am 12 years old and Dr D is my favorite dentist. She lets me use her i-pad and when its my turn i can pick the music. Also, my favorite part is when your done, you get a wooden nickel that gets you a cookie at the bakery next door.

Fred -9/12/2011
Great dentist with an awesome friendly staff. Unique and calming waiting area. Also, you get to pick the music via a sonos system and ipad app!! How cool.

Elizabeth ‎ – 1/13/2012
I can highly recommend Dr D to anyone looking for a caring and concerned human being who is a fantastic dentist to boot! No hesitation, A+

Denise ‎ – 5/2011
Best head and neck exam ever. Gentle and kind. I also like supporting female professionals

Pete- 8/12/2011
Dr. DiGiulio has an excellent 'bedside manner' and is extremely competent in her diagnosis and care. I always feel comfortable going there for cleanings and standard or specialized dental work. I received 4 crowns and each process went smoothly, with Dr. DiGiulio taking a valid interest in making sure I was satisfied with the fit and the look with every aspect of her service.

More Happy Patients

2-2012 Written by Elisa P.

” Dr DiGiulio is a fantastic dentist and she and her staff are very kind. Going to her office is like going to a spa!”

Carol S. 11/17/2011

“Dr. DiGiulio, you are so terrific in your dentistry!! I am so pleased with your dedication and perfection in every aspect of my dental care”.

Written By Peter B. 10/2/11

“Dr. DiGiulio, a Bend dentist, made me feel comfortable right away. She gave me the best needle I have ever had. I didn’t even feel it! I had a toothache that was interfering with my life. Dr. DiGiulio brought me relief after just one visit to her dental office in Bend, Oregon. She didn’t make m feel bad for neglecting my teeth, and didn’t try to sell me more treatment than I needed. Thanks Dr. D!”-

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Paul V.

“Best Dentist in Bend, Oregon “Dr. Di Giulio was incredibly responsive to the pain I was experiencing. She listened to my needs and managed to bring me relief. I used to fear the dentist, but no more! She is the best Thanks!”

Written By M. Scanzano” 7/7/09
“Dr D. gives the best needle! She not only relieved my jaw pain, but my smile looks better than ever before. This has brought me much joy!”

Written By D. Burdick
“Thanks Dr. Di Giulio. You made me feel comfortable right away. Your Bend dental office is comfortable and you have very gentle hands.Becoming your patient was the best decision I ever made!”

Written By Joe C. 12/11/10
“Not only do your cleanings make my teeth feel better, but they promote good health. I have never felt better! Thanks!”

Written By- Mario B. 3/18/10<
“I began seeing you in your other bend dental office. I would follow you any where.Since becoming your patient, I get complimented on my smile all the time! Thank you so much!”

 Written By Cindy L. 6/12/11
“When I injured my tooth during a mountain bike accident, I thought I would never smile again.All the other dental ofices in Bend were closed. Dr Digiulio opened her dental office and helped me when others could not. Thanks to Dr. Di Giulio’s patience and amazing technique, I am now out of pain and have a beautiful smile. Thanks Dr Di Giulio!”-

Written By Graham B. 9/2011
“Where do I start? Dr DiGiulio had a mess to begin with. I had poor dental care and was in danger of losing all of my teeth. From the 1st appointment on, I felt like I was under a true professionals care. And yes and I read in an earlier statement she does give as close to painless injections! She is a true artist when it comes to restoring, saving and regular dental care. She is THE BEST dentist I have ever been too and I would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Dr DiGiulio.”

Written by V.G.
“Hi Yoli,
You and your staff ROCK! Thanks for making something so painful NOT so
painful. I will have to recommended you to all my family and friends.
Thanks again for a wonderful job!
Have a BLESSED day!”

Written by H.H.
Dr Di Giulio, Thank you for caring for my 92 year old mother who tripped over the cat and broke her front tooth. I know you came in on your day off to see her, Thanks from the H. Family”

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