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Dental crown and bridge work is the backbone of restorative dentistry and is responsible for saving millions of teeth. The dental crown is a protective covering placed over a compromised tooth in order to protect and preserve the remaining tooth structure. The technique has been perfected and is routine in any Bend family dental office.

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bend oregon crown and bridge dentistA tooth’s structure may be severely damaged by decay, poor occlusion/bite, trauma, radiation from cancer treatment, congenital disorders, and many other conditions. When a tooth’s structure is no longer performing its duty, chewing with out pain and discomfort among other things, but there is viable healthy root tissue and supportive ligaments and enough dentin, pulp, and enamel to attach to a crown, then this procedure can save your basic tooth structure often for a life time.

Again, a disciplined approach to flossing and brushing will go a long way in protecting your new investment. And probably help prevent the need for further Crown & Bridge work.

But if you need expert crown and bridge work in Bend, Oregon do not hesitate to call Cornerstone Family Dentistry, LLC @ 541-389-2885 for all of your Crown & Bridge work.

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The Procedure

Tooth preparation is the first step. Sometimes a root canal needs to be completed to remove decay and infection. Once the root canal is complete, if needed, the dentist will debride away the unwanted or unneeded tooth structure in such a way that the resultant shape maintains maximum strength. The remaining tooth structure has to be be shaped in a way that encourages not only maximum strength, but bonding power to the crown as well. The shaping is also known as placing a “taper” on the tooth. The taper should be around 6 degrees for the best result.


bend gold crown dentistryIf a full gold dental crown is to be utilized for your particular dental restoration, than only .5mm of enamel and dentin need to be removed. This in part due to gold’s fantastic strength. If porcelain is added to the crown than usually 1.5mm of combined enamel and dentin need to be removed. If there is not enough tooth structure than a build up is necessary. This is the process by which the bend family dentist will add a dental resin to your existing tooth in order to replace what is missing. The resin builds enough tooth structure back up to allow the tooth to adhere and bond to the dental gold or porcelain crown.

bend oregon crown and bridge dentistOnce the tooth structure is prepared, the bend family dentist will take an impression on the remaining prepped tooth. This is accomplished by using impression material that forms around the tooth. This creates a negative impression which is then used to create a positive image and the dentist will build your new tooth on this positive impression. This negative is also used by the dentist to create you a temporary crown that is worn until the permanent one arrives from the lab.

Often a stone model of your mouth is made and placed in a dental articulator which simulates a mouth and bite. The dentist then finishes the tooth structure ensuring that if fits and works with your model to enure this step. One the tooth is finished another negative impression is obtained and this is sent to a dental laboratory where the gold or porcelain crown is made and finished.

Once the finished dental crown is received back from the lab, your bend family dentist will then try the crown on your prepped tooth. If the bite is right and she is satisfied with all of the functional and aesthetic details, the crown will be placed with permanent adhesive. This new gold or porcelain crown should last a life time, remember to brush and floss.

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