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Why are so many people interested in teeth whitening? Well, probably because white teeth look great and we can achieve awesome results almost instantly and painlessly. That’s the short answer.

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Teeth stains come from a myriad of sources like: food and beverages, drugs like tetracycline, tobacco, and  genetically inherited types of darkened teeth. Whatever the cause, most people see the social and personal benefit of professional teeth whitening. Embarrassing teeth stains often both consciously and subconsciously affect one’s self esteem, often inhibiting an incredibly important social cue, the smile. If you don’t smile at people, you are missing a huge opportunity to make a good impression. And we all know how important first impressions can be, right?

In 2007 a research study was conducted and the results indicate that 64% of respondents said that white teeth with out stains were important factors for financial success. another 68% said that white teeth with out satins would be an important contributor to professional success. Finally, whiter teeth were thought to be positive factors in dating situations and in job interviews, increasing one’s success. The same study found that 52% of people thought white teeth indicated that a person was trustworthy. More information on this topic can be found on Crest’s whitening website TEETH WHITENING .

So, don’t hesitate, why not decide to smile and change your personal destiny? Whiten your teeth today.  The procedure is safe, effective, and will not break the bank. Call Dr DiGiulio today and schedule an appointment, 514-389-2885.


Tea, Wine, and Coffee. Three of my favorite things. But, unfortunately all of these have a very high potential to erode tooth enamel and stain teeth.

This applies to all tea varietals, not just black tea. Green and white tea also have very strong propensity for teeth staining and avoiding overuse of these substances is recommended in order to help keep your teeth white. If you must drink tea, brush immediately after you finish your drink, or at the very least rinse your mouth out.

Wine and coffee also stain teeth and should be consumed in moderation. In the case of wine, there are a few factors at work. First, wine is acidic which etches the surface of the tooth’s enamel priming it for the pigment found in red grapes. In addition, wine contains tannins which not only etch the tooth’s surface but help the pigment bond to the tooth’s matrix. White wines like white tea can stain teeth also! But of course with less intensity. Often a persons wine over indulgence can be recognized by wine stained teeth. Coffee is also acidic, like wine, and the staining mechanism for coffee is almost identical to that of wine, :(

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bend teeth whitening dentistThis is a terrific antibiotic that is very effective against urinary tract infections (UTI) and also helpful fighting acne. However, prior to the 1980’s, this drug was often given to pregnant women to treat UTI’s and to children under 8 years of age and it was not until science recognized that this prescribing habit was the cause, Tetracycline staining was quite common. Once children and pregnant women were no longer given this antibiotic the problem began to wain in its prevalence. The actual mechanism of this type of staining is caused by the fact that tetracycline diffuses through dentin into the dentin enamel interface and chelates calcium ions and ultimately forms an orthophosphate compound which is responsible for the dark discoloration.


Tobacco is a formidable enemy to the tooth whitening dentist and this type of stain is caused in part by the inhaled smoke drying the mouth and tooth structure removing important salivary best bend cosmetic dentistcomponents that maintain pH balance. Once the items are out of balance the tooth’s environment becomes acidic and etching occurs. While this is happening the tar from the tobacco devastates the tooth’s color and causes very stubborn stains. Avoid these by either stopping or never starting this habit in the first place.

Genetic Disorders

There are few genetic dbend oregon family dentistry officeisorders that can cause severe teeth staining like amelogenesis imperfecta (AI), dentinogenesis imperfecta (DI), and dentinal dysplasia (DD). These disorders involve defects in the enamel surface, either too much calcium deposition vs. hypoplastic development and all make it much easier for extrinsic staining agents to do their damage. Some of these disorders affect only primary teeth and others affect both baby teeth and adult ones. there are no really effective preventative treatments and in many cases professional teeth whitening procedures can help lighten these dark and debilitating satins. As you will read later, a combination of in-office complimented by in-home treatment is probably the most effective strategy against these more demanding types of satins.

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How Do Cosmetic Dentists Whiten Teeth?

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment for most types of stains and is achieved with either In-office teeth whitening vs In-Home Teeth whitening or a combination of both techniques. The active ingredient in all tooth whitening products is the same,  carbamide peroxide which turns into hydrogen peroxide when it reacts with water. The peroxide forms an oxidizing reaction which penetrates into the tooth’s enamel and “bleaches” stains that are located in the dentin. bend oregon dental officeThe main difference between all the products is the concentration of  carbamide peroxide. In-office systems have a higher concentration of the oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide, than do In-home systems and therefore the In-office treatments are much faster and more effective but also can do more damage to the surrounding tissue. The in-office system involves the Bend cosmetic dentist applying the whitening agent to your teeth while taking very good care to protect the gums and surrounding tissue. Hydrogen peroxide in high concentrations can cause a chemical burn if care is not taken. She will usually apply a dental dam and protective barrier between the agent and  non-tooth structures assuring a safe application.

Not all teeth satins were created equal and not one approach works for all situations. That is where the experience of a Bend Cosmetic Dentist comes in to play. Her experience will help develop a custom plan, usually combining both In-Home and In-Office techniques. Although the idea seems like a good one and it certainly seems futuristic, adding a light source to the whitening process has not shown to be beneficial or improve one’s whitening efforts.  So, don’t pay extra for this service, in that studies have not supported it’s efficacy. You can read more about how external lights do not help teeth whitening efforts at WIKI-PEDIA.

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Types of Whitening Agents

bend oregon teeth whitening serviceThere are a multitude of options and no one form of tooth whitening agent is superior to another. The choice between gels,  strips, toothpaste, gel in tray system, mouth wash, and chewing gum is simply user choice. One is not superior to the other. Remember the only difference between all of the different products is the concentration of active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. The choice should be made on what you think you would use most consistently, so that optimum benefits can be expected. In-office products are almost universally a solution that the cosmetic dentist applies and then removes after a prescribed amount of time.  The intensity of the satin will dictate the amount of time that the solution needs to be on your teeth in addition to the actual number of applications that your stained teeth will require to achieve a desirable color. With all products, especially at home, take care not to damage surrounding tissue and gum with the agent you are using. Take the time to carefully read the directions, you wont be sorry.

Achieving success with teeth whitening in-part will depend upon the expectations you set for yourself. If you have severely stained teeth, drink coffee,tea, and smoke cigarettes there is no whitening system that is going to completely whiten your teeth. The offending agent must be removed from the picture. One reason is that these agents work,  but they cant create miracles. If you continue to assault your teeth with staining agents, one can’t expect much from any product. Behavior and habits must change for any system to work and one should reduce or quit smoking, rinse thoroughly after consuming wine, coffee or tea, and brush and floss regularly.

Natural Teeth Whitening Agents

Natural whitening techniques are often very inexpensive, but not as effective or fast acting as hydrogen peroxide. Many fruits like strawberries and apples contain malic acid which can help remove teeth satins while lightly scrubbing teeth with baking soda can also help lighten stains, but caution with even these agents is called for.  One can overdo any of these treatments and cause problems like permanently removing the tooth’s important enamel surface. If you have serious dental staining, you will probably need a combination of In-office, In-Home, and natural methods to achieve good results. do forgot to loose the bad habits that could be contributing to your problem. if you want expert advice and recommendations, Call Dr DiGiulio today at 541-389-2885.


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