Family Dentistry: Find the Perfect Fit for You and Your Family

December 27, 2012

Bend Family Dentistry, located in Bend, Oregon, is the perfect place for you to go for excellent dental health. Their staff is friendly and helpful, and the doctor is superb in her treatment style. This local Bend dentist will make sure that your teeth remain healthy and strong for years to come.

Teeth Cleaning

Your local Bend dentist will first do a dental examination. These screenings help prevent the spread of tooth diseases and mouth cancers, as well as scanning for infections or other problems too small to see with the human eye. After this, you will have a professional cleaning. This consists of the removal of plaque and other bacteria caused by food or saliva, the removal of harder plaque known as calculus or tarter, and a final polish to make sure your teeth are stain-free.


Bonding is the process of restoring chipped teeth or filling the gaps between teeth. Unsightly gaps, stained or dull-colored teeth, as well as chipped or jagged teeth can be fixed with this technique. The first step is creating a composite resin that matches your teeth. Next, it is molded to your teeth perfectly, and then hardened with the use of ultraviolet light. It is a good way to get quick results, but often breaks down or discolors after a few years.

Teeth Whitening

This procedure helps to dramatically increase the brightness of your smile. Through the use of plastic trays made from models of your teeth, your local Bend dentist can use whitening gel to whiten your teeth. You wear these for several hours each day, usually before dinner and before bed, for four to six weeks. After this process is completed, your teeth will be brilliantly white.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a superb way to replace missing teeth in your smile. Missing teeth create many problems, such as a decreased ability to chew, jaw problems as your teeth shift to fill in the space, and a visibly sunken face from lacking teeth. The creation of artificial teeth, called a bridge, can help become a natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. Bridges and other artificial tooth replacements are the best way to replace missing teeth while retaining a natural-looking smile.


Porcelain laminates, also called veneers, are thin shells that cover the exterior of your teeth, which can help brilliantly whiten your smile. Each shell is custom-made for your teeth, which ensures a tight fit and a natural smile. Veneers can help fix unsightly or discolored teeth, crooked or worn teeth, as well as gaps between teeth. With veneers, your smile will be exactly the way you want it to appear.

How to Find a Bend Dentist

The easiest way to find your local Bend dentist is through the use of their website. Bend Family Dentistry is located at 1470 SW Knoll Ave. Ste 103, Bend, Oregon, zip code 97702. The staff is friendly and helpful, and will always work with you to make sure you get what you desire out of your teeth. Bend Family Dentistry is the first place to go for excellent service, great techniques, and overall superb results.

In conclusion, the vast array of dental care and teeth correction supplied by your local Bend dentist make them a perfect match for you and your family. These procedures will give you a whiter, straighter smile, as well as giving you the things necessary to correct your smile to the way you want it to be.

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