Replace Missing Teeth: Welcome to the Revolution

November 4, 2012


bend implant dentist

Whether you have a single missing tooth or a number of damaged teeth in need of replacement, implant dentistry Bend Oregon can help your smile. From dentures to implants of all different sizes, Bend implant dentistry can help restore your smile, no matter what age and the elements have done to it.


Dentures: The Old-Fashioned Solution

For those who suffer significant or total tooth loss, dentures are the traditional solution. Dentures are a moderately effective way to replace missing teeth, but have the drawback of not being permanent. You will have to take your dentures out and soak them, and they don’t typically have the same permanent feel that a dental implant does. Nonetheless, implant dentistry Bend Oregon can provide you with several services if dentures are your choice, including providing partial dentures or using a mini-implant to create a fixed denture that will remain in your mouth. Bend implant dentists are charged with repairing your smile, and dentures are a low-cost way of doing just that.

Implants: The Permanent Fix

Implant dentistry Bend Oregon provides several dental implant services. A dental implant is a good long-term solution to replace missing tooth. An implant involves Bend implant dentists drilling into your jaw and placing the implant, which resembles a metal screw. The procedure takes time to ensure that your jaw will fully heal but once it does, a crown can be affixed to your jaw with a level of stability that dentures do not offer. A dental implant takes a great deal of time to install due to the need for the jawbone to heal over the implant but once it is finished, you don’t need to worry about putting extra time into maintaining it. A dental implant is as permanent as a real tooth and sometimes lasts even longer.

Mini Implants: A Middle Ground

best bend oregon implant dentistFor individuals who don’t want to inconvenience of dentures but can’t afford a regular dental implant, implant dentistry Bend Oregon provides mini implants, which represent a sort of middle ground between the two. A mini dental implant is a smaller insertion than normal dental implants, and thus can be placed through a less invasive procedure. Once in place, they can hold a crown almost as well as a regular implant, and can also be used to hold dentures in place for those with a large number of missing teeth. Mini dental implants typically cost about half the price of a normal implant and provide a longer-lasting stability than dentures.

Making the Choice: What is Right for You?

Implant dentistry Bend Oregon offers a wide variety of services, and it might seem daunting to try to choose at first. Luckily, by looking at your own personal needs and consulting with your Bend implant dentist, you can distinguish between the many options for replacing teeth. Dentures can be the most affordable, but also require the most maintenance and don’t stay in your mouth as reliably as implants. Mini implants are ideal for those who have jaw problems or seek a low-invasive procedure, while normal implants cost the most but have the longest-lasting effect. Consulting with your dentist can help immensely when making this decision.

Beyond Cost: Dentures versus Implants

Putting money out of the discussion, there are other factors to consider when choosing between dentures and implants. Implant dentistry Bend Oregon has a wide array of both, so there are many options to choose from. Dentures have worked as a solution for many people for years and have a wide array of products designed to help make their maintenance a snap, including brushes and special soaks. However, dentures also have a tendency to move and click if not affixed properly, and can also be damaging to people’s self-esteem. Implants require dental surgery and take a long time to heal, but once the procedure is successfully completed, you don’t have to worry about the implant any more.

Taking your Health into Account

Implant dentistry Bend Oregon is concerned with you as a patient, which is another factor in the dentures versus implants debate. Elderly patients and those with jaw troubles aren’t always the best candidates for implants, since the procedure requires a strong jawbone to affix the implant. In that case, dentures might be the option you choose. First, though, you will want to consider a mini implant, which can be less damaging on the jawbone. Mini implants do take longer to heal than normal implants, though, so the short-term change to your lifestyle will have to be something you consider.

Implant dentistry Bend Oregon offers a wide range of ways to improve your smile. Whether you choose dentures, implants, or mini implants, the important thing is to make an informed decision that is correct for you. Be sure to consult with your Bend implant dentist and take into account cost, long-term utility, and your own health history when deciding just how to restore your smile.

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