The R Word

October 20, 2012

The R Word

The idea of a root canal often places patients in a panic, especially those who are afraid of dentists. Unfortunately, there is often no other way to relieve dental pain, especially if a tooth is severely infected. When it comes to finding a professional root canal dentist, Bend Oregon residents can count on Dr. Yoli DiGulio from Cornerstone Family Dentistry to provide prompt and experienced attention to this matter.

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What is a Root Canal?
Sometimes referred to as an endodontic dental treatment, a root canal involves removing the pulp from the inside of a tooth and replacing it with a filling. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels that promote circulation of blood and nutrients. Since adult teeth can function well even if the pulp is removed, this type of dental surgery helps people have a full mouth of teeth without noticing pain or sensitivity due to an irritated root system.

How is it Performed?
The first step is to numb the mouth with an anesthetic and then separate the infected tooth from the others with a thin piece of rubber. A Bend root canal dentist will then use a drill to access the pulp of the tooth, going into the gum line to the root of the tooth’s nerve. Once this is accomplished, antibiotics are injected to promote healing of any infection, and then a permanent filling is added to the area that has been drilled out.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?
A root canal is performed, by a Bend dentist, whenever there is severe decay or infection in a tooth. This decay causes bacteria to enter the tooth’s root system, thereby creating a great deal of pain. A Bend root canal dentist normally recommends this procedure in order to save the natural tooth and prevent the infection from spreading to surrounding gum tissue and affecting even more teeth. It is an ideal choice whenever tooth pain is so intense that it interferes with daily life, yet removing the tooth could cause difficulty chewing or talking. Patients also choose root canals whenever the infected tooth is in a noticeable area, as having it pulled instead would affect a person’s appearance.

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How long does it take?
Bend root canal dentist Dr. Yoli DiGulio can perform a root canal in only one sitting under most circumstances. She uses state of the art equipment and the latest techniques in dental surgery to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Patients who undergo root canals may sometimes need to have caps placed on their teeth. This is normally done at a separate appointment time so the tooth has time to completely heal from the endodontic dental treatment before this is done.

Warnings and Precautions
After a visit to a Bend root canal dentist, patients may feel numbness and tingling in their mouth, tongue, or lips; however, this should go away within a couple of hours. The tooth that was operated on may be tender or sore for several days after having this procedure. Patients who have severe dental pain or who notice oozing or bleeding from the gums should notify Dr. DiGulio right away, as these are signs of more serious complications.

The cost of a root canal is typically covered by most insurance plans. The staff at Cornerstone Family Dentistry is proud to work with most major insurance companies in the Bend, Oregon area including Metlife, Aetna, and Delta Dental. They also offer special financing arrangements through companies such as Care Credit and Chase Financial. Bend root canal dentist Dr. DiGulio strives to make her services as affordable as possible. She regularly checks the prices charged by other local dentists in order to make sure she is competitive with other providers in the area. The goal of this Bend root canal dentist is to provide the best possible care for each patient while staying within their financial parameters. New patients also receive a $100 credit toward their first service.

Those who are experiencing severe dental pain may want to visit a Bend root canal dentist. Dr. Yoli DiGulio has been treating patients for more than 16 years, and has helped numerous patients save their teeth with this procedure. For an appointment, call 541-389-2885 or go to to fill out a contact form.

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