Fix That Chipped Tooth!

May 24, 2012

Fix That Chipped Tooth!

fix chipped tooth bend oregon When searching for a Bend dentist to fix a chipped tooth, there are a few important considerations to take into account. The severity of the broken tooth will determine the course of treatment that the dentist will choose. Some of these treatments can be carried out on the same day as the consultation, whereas other treatments will require a patient to return a second time for a follow-up treatment.

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How Teeth Become Chipped

Often, broken or chipped teeth can be avoided by taking precautions beforehand. Chipped teeth are often caused by sporting accidents. These are common in sports such as hockey, rugby, as well as contact sports such as martial arts. To avoid broken teeth, sports participants should consider getting mouth guards set by a Bend dentist for their protection. Other common causes of broken teeth are bad teeth and gum care, as well as eating hard foods such as nuts.

What to Do Once A Tooth Has Chipped

Once a tooth has chipped or broken, it is important to seek dental advice as soon as possible. The longer the time the lapses before seeing a Bend dentist, the greater the problem will become. If the piece of broken tooth has not been lost, the patient should take it along to the dentist. In some cases, pieces of broken teeth can be reattached with dental bonding procedures. Patients should call and schedule a dental appointment for as soon as possible so that the dentist will be able to effectively fix the chipped tooth.

Dental Evaluation

During the dental appointment, the Bend dentist will first evaluate how serious the chipped teeth are. This is done by carrying out x-rays on the necessary broken teeth to determine if the damage is only on the surface, or if it has reached the roots. If the chip is only a small one, the dentist will be able to fill in the chip by using dental bonding. For more serious cases of broken teeth, a dentist will use different dental methods. The position of the broken teeth in the mouth also influences the course of action that the dentist will take.

Minor Chips

For a less serious broken tooth, treatment is quick and relatively pain free. The dentist will fix the chipped tooth by using dental bonding techniques, often including the application of a composite. The composite can be closely matched to the patient’s natural tooth color, making the repair almost invisible once complete. Once the composite has set, the final step would then be for the Bend Cosmetic dentist to smooth out the tooth and polish it. Dental bonding and composites are often used to fix a chipped tooth such as a molar, located at the back of the mouth.

More Serious Chips

For broken teeth located in the front of the mouth, more dental work is required. A Bend Family dentist will first take an impression of the chipped teeth in order to create porcelain veneers. The veneers will then be attached to the chipped teeth during a follow-up appointment. If the tooth damage is causing pain or sensitivity, the dentist might choose to add a crown to the broken tooth. If root damage is serious, a dentist may decide to perform a root canal procedure before proceeding to fix the chipped tooth.

Chipped teeth are a common occurrence and should not be ignored. For a dentist to fix a chipped tooth effectively Bend locals should not wait too long to seek dental advice.  The dentist will first evaluate the severity of the broken tooth, before deciding on the best dental procedure that should be followed.

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