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Welcome to Cornerstone Family Dentistry! We provide Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in a gentle, kind and affordable manner. We are located in the high desert of Bend, Oregon. Your comfort and dental health are our number one concern. Our experienced staff is devoted to providing you with the highest quality care in every way to ensure you get the smile you expect.

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D r Yoli DiGiulio is a Bend Family & Cosmetic Dentist conveniently located on Bend’s west side, right next door to the Village Baker. Dr DiGiulio has over 16 years of clinical experience and obtained her dental degree from Temple University School of Dentistry and completed a university based residency training program after graduation. Her patients will tell you that your smile is in good hands. If you would like, you can read her testimonials here.

Dr DiGiulio is kind, gentle and her dentistry is impeccable. Her prices are affordable, she works with most insurance companies, and her friendly and competent staff will warmly welcome you  to your new dental office. Bend Family Dentistry: Call 541-389-2885 Today and receive a $100 New Patient Credit. Yes that is right, everyone in your family begins their new dental experience with $100 credit.

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Smile Make-Over Bend Oregon

Smile Make-over: What is Involved?

A vibrant smile can go a long way toward opening doors both socially and professionally. People who have a less than perfect smile can consider many different options when trying to improve this important physical asset. While many individuals elect to undergo orthodontic care, a Bend dentist who is experienced in cosmetic dentistry can also help patients with their smile makeover.

Consulting with a Bend Cosmetic Dentist Cosmetic dentistry is very different from regular dentistry because it involves improving the appearance of one’s teeth while also ensuring function and overall dental health, rather than merely repairing the damage that has been done to them in a perfunctory manner with no concern for aesthetic appeal. This means it is extremely important to find a dental professional who specializes in this type of work, someone who has performed these types of cases and have real patients you can speak with in-order to evaluate their appraisal of Dr DiGiulio.

Patients of Dr. Yoli DiGiulio can benefit from the fact that she is highly competent and experienced with both Family & Cosmetic dentistry. As such, their medical needs can be fully assessed before any cosmetic procedures are applied.

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Veneers are an ideal option for people who have chipped or broken teeth or gaps between them. They can also be used to straighten mildly crooked teeth or even out discolorations caused by stained teeth or fillings. A very thin resin is placed on the teeth and then bonded permanently to the surface. Veneers look much like regular teeth do, but are very strong and durable. Many times, a smile can be corrected in only one visit to a Bend dentist. An initial consultation is normally required to assess a client’s needs before proceeding.

Teeth Whitening Lets face it, white teeth are attractive and Dr DiGiulio makes the process painless and affordable. Teeth whitening is performed by using a prescription-strength whitening gel. This gel is applied to the teeth and then a light source may be used in order to activate the solution. Results are normally noticed after the first dental visit; however, it may take three or four treatments to whiten teeth completely. The number of sessions required for a Bend cosmetic dentist to whiten teeth can be based on the depth and severity of the stains. Each appointment may last between one to two hours depending on the exact procedure performed. The results can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the patient’s age and lifestyle.

Dental Implants These devices are ideal for patients who want to replace missing teeth. They are an excellent alternative to dentures for people who have only one or two teeth missing in a particular section of their mouth. Even so, a Bend dentist may use them to replace a complete row of teeth in many instances. Dental implants look much like regular teeth and are attached to the jawbone with a titanium screw. They are intended to be long lasting and durable and do not normally scrape or grind against the gum line.

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Mini-Dental Implants

Some areas of the mouth may be too small for traditional dental implants. In this instance, a Bend dentist may recommend a mini-dental implant instead. They work much like regular dental implants do, as they are also secured by drilling a hole into the bone and then placing a tiny screw into the area. These normally stay in place for many years and look and feel much like natural teeth. The surgery is performed in the dental office, and no cuts or stitches are required in order to do so. Dental Bonding Dental bonding is one solution often used to repair chipped or broken teeth. It is performed by placing a resin-like material on the surface of the tooth. Once this is done, light is applied to the area so the resin will harden to the tooth’s surface. After this is complete, the tooth will be even and smooth with the resin section being virtually unnoticeable. The results of dental bonding are generally long-lasting ones, and patients typically do not suffer any long-term side effects from having this procedure done.

Dental Crowns These devices are essentially tiny caps that are placed over the top of a tooth. This is usually done whenever the tooth itself becomes weakened or fractured. It can also be done whenever the top section of a molar has broken off. Common materials used to make dental crowns include porcelain, resin, and ceramic. When dental crowns are applied, a Bend dentist can normally match the natural color of the surrounding teeth so the device looks natural. These are also permanent and long-lasting solutions that can easily be applied in a single dental visit.

Dental Bridges Whenever there are several teeth missing in a row, dental bridges may help fill in these gaps. First, the tooth on either side of the gap will have a crown placed on it. This is done to anchor the bridge and make it appear more natural. After doing so, pontics or false teeth are placed in the open area. Having dental bridges applied may require several visits to a Bend dentist, as there are multiple stages to this process. Once the bridge is put in place, it normally remains inside the mouth indefinitely. An added advantage of dental bridges is that these devices may prevent other teeth from becoming crooked due to distorted chewing. Since every patient’s needs are different, the best way to decide how to improve one’s smile is by having a professional consultation. Bend dentist Yoli Di Guilio of Cornerstone Family Dentistry welcomes new patients and will be happy to assist them with their goal of achieving a perfect smile. For an appointment, call 541-389-2885.

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